How to play dragon city

Dragon City is a social network game developed by Social Point. The game is pretty fun and interesting, the idea behind Dragon City revolve around breeding dragons and fighting battle with them. The game is majorly focused on building and managing the a floating island that house different species od dragon.

you can start to play for free here :

How to play

It’s pretty easy to play, provided you follow the game set instructions. The game is said to have up to 99 levels with beginner starting from level one and can only level up by earning more experience points (Xp). The player starts with 6 main islands

Dragon basics

The first thing is to add dragons to your island, this can be done by hatching a dragon egg you buy right away from the game store or by breeding two dragons to produce an egg. You need to feed your dragon for them to level up.
Each dragon has 4 evolutions stage, starting with the Egg state which is the beginning of the dragon development. It move to the Baby form after hatching and at level 1 then with proper feeding the dragon level up and grow into the Teen dragon form at level 4. At this stage the dragon can now be pair with another dragon to breed an egg and can also be taken to battle. Then at level 7 the dragon transform into Adult form which is the last stage_ the dragon is now stronger and can go head on head with another dragon in battle. The major tip here is to feed dragon properly so that they can level up faster and get stronger.

Creating breeding

A dragon can start breeding as soon as it reaches level 4. You can simply breed a new dragon by clicking on the breeding mountain and select “Breed” then selects the two dragons you want to breed and wait for the egg to show up. You can breed two different dragons together to generate new species of Dragon.
You can get more from breeding by experimenting with different kinds of dragons. There are over 100 different kinds of dragons and by experimenting with breeding the possibility of getting a new species of dragons are endless.
Elemental dragons are dragons with one element and there are 12 different elemental classes in the game. Breeding two different elemental dragon together will produce an Hybrid dragon (dragon with two elements). You can as well breed an Hybrid dragon with another elemental dragon to produce a Tribrid (dragon with 3 elements) or breed two different Hybrid to for a Tetra-elementals dragon (4 elements) but you need to understand that not all elemental class can mix; for instance a Fire dragon cannot breed with Ice dragon. The same rules apply to some other elements.


Breeding new dragon means you need to create Habitat for them. The dragon element will indicate the habitat they can be put in. While elemental dragon can only live in one habitat, some dragons can actually live in up to four habitats depending on the number of element they possess contain.

Battle and Tournament

There are even battle you can enter with your dragons and win gold, gem and even new dragon. You can also enter a tournament after you have built your stadium. You fight battle with a team of different dragons you select from your base. Battle is only won when you defeat all the opponent dragons.