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Basic Elements

Dragon-City-hacks Gold, Gems and Food
Dragon-City-cheats Neighbours
Dragon-City-hacks Game Levels
Dragon-City-cheats Game Goals
Dragon-City-hacks Dragon Book


Dragon-City-cheats Island, Habitats and Farms
Dragon-City-hacks Crystal, Breeding and Specials
Dragon-City-cheats Temples
Dragon-City-hacks Decoration

Dragons by Elements

Dragon-City-hacks Terra Dragon, Flame Dragon and Sea Dragon
Dragon-City-cheats Nature Dragon,Electric Dragon and Ice Dragon
Dragon-City-hacks Metal Dragon, Dark Dragon and Light Dragon
Dragon-City-cheats War Dragon
Dragon-City-hacks Legend Dragon

Dragon by Types

Dragon-City-cheats Elemental Dragon
Dragon-City-hacks Hybrid Dragon
Dragon-City-cheats Rare Dragon
Dragon-City-hacks Legend and Exlusive Dragon

Information about Combat

When your dragon fights with other dragons in Dragon City, it is called the Combat. You can build a stadium where your dragon can fight. You can also fight against other player’s dragon in the Combat world. You can also get the gem reward in both types of battles, we discussed above. These gems would be used Hatching, speeding up and breeding. You can also purchase items likes eggs and buildings with the help of gems.


After the battle your dragon can get four types of impact
Dragon-City-hacksVey critical case is double damage which is 200%
Dragon-City-hacksNormal case is normal damage which is 100%
Dragon-City-hacksWeak case is half damage which is 50%
Dragon-City-hacksNo effect case is any damage which is 0%


Your team of dragons can fight in a building which is called stadium. It would cost you 25000 gold and yields 25000 stars and three friends are required to open. When a tournament ends, after every twelve hours challenges open. You have to select at least 3 dragons before the start of each tournament. There are 2 to 3 challengers in each tournament.

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