Dragon city Tips and Tricks

Been the caretaker of the floating dragon island the faith of your island rest on you, you call the short and with so many activities and option in the game it is very easy to build a failed city or weak dragons. To become a successful dragon lord, you need to keep up. These are some tips and tricks you will find handy in your journey to create a magnificent dragon utopia.

Know the elements.
The Dragon city has 12 normal element and each dragon in the game fits under each elemental class. You need to know all the elements and the ability of each elemental dragon
Other types of dragons
There are still other types of dragon besides the elemental dragons. There are Hybrid dragons, Rare hybrids, Legendary dragons and the exclusive dragons. Know how to get them or breed them.
Manage your resources
Harvesting food for your dragons takes time and as much Gold money. If you are running low on gold try to harvest simple food that takes less time and gold to harvest like Dragon balls and hot dragon chili’s and when your gold account is back up you can then spend on the costly foods

Habitat system
Each habitat focus on each elements which makes you have just 12 basic habitat in the game. The habitat savers as a home to dragon but note, each habitat have its pons and cons plus they generate different amount of gold. Try to analysis each habitat before deciding to build it.

Know the Dragon’s transformation.
There are 3 different transformation stages after the Egg state. The dragon hatch as a baby then transform at level 4. At this stage it can be used to breed new dragon. The last stage is the adult stage which starts at level 7. Adult dragon are very powerful and excellent fighter.

The training system
Learn the act of training your dragons. High level dragons can pick up new moves from training center. Try to train your dragons and unlock new moves to surprise your opponent in battle.
Store up your gem for the raining day
As you play the game and level up, the game will give you Gem. Try to save them up for an important purpose, believe me, you will get one. You can use your Gem to by the Ultra breeding tree. There are some other ways to get free Gem in the game like; winning league, completing missing and achievements and in some cases, selling hatched dragons can earn you extra Gem.

Learn the art of breeding
Breeding help you to reproduce you dragon and cross breeding your dragons open door to the possibility of getting a new dragon species. Don’t stop experimenting on breeding. You can always sell the dragons you don’t want.

Earn more Gold
Take advantage of the methods that will earn you more gold. Like consecutive login gold bonus and upgrading your habitat will generate more gold for you.

Clear out your rewards before you logout
Try to collect all the gold in your habitat before you log out so that it won’t get full quickly before you come back. Just click on the habitat and click collect to clear your gold if the gold icon did not show.