Playing Dragon City can be very fun and exciting, you get to build a magical city of dragons that grow, reproduce and battle for the glory of the city. For beginners, it’s easy to get excited and distracted or even get overwhelmed by the so many options and offers in the game. Dragon City is a strategic game which means to build a strong City you need to plan from the beginning.
Here are some basic strategies that will get your City and Dragons up on the right foot and strong in no time and work your way up to becoming the Dragon Lord without wasting resources.

Farm and Feed

Focus your resources on building farms as many as possible and grow crops to feed your dragons. You need to understand that your Dragons need food to manage its ravenous hunger and level it up and since your dragon can not be breed till it reaches level 4, feeding them will get them there in no time.
At the initial stage, your mean focus should be to build as many farms and feed your dragons; from doing this, you will get more resources to manage your farms and expand your city. You can always upgrade your existing farm or build bigger once when you level up.

Don’t just build any Habitat

There are different types of habitat and the type and number of dragon they can sustain varies just has their generated resources and their benefit varies. Try to evaluate each type of habitat before building. Also, you need to reach certain level to unlock and build some habitat.

Evaluate and analysis each type of habitat before you start building, know the pros and cons of the habitat and explore your options before you start building. You need to understand that you cannot keep any type of dragon in any habitat; each type of dragon has different type of habitat that can sustain them. It is recommended at startup to build more of Sea, Nature and Flame habitats

Experiment with breeding

Cross Breeding different type of dragons to generate a new species of dragon is one of the main features in Dragon City. Try to breed two specific type of dragon more than once, as it can yield different resulting species. For example, breeding a Flaming dragon with a Terra dragon can produce either a Flaming Rock dragon or a Volcano dragon. You can also unlock new and unusual species by breeding hybrid dragons. Just keep trying to get all different types of dragons. You can always sell them for gold if you don’t want them.

Fighting Strategy

Another feature of Dragon City is fighting with your dragons. The strategy here is to try and create a balanced dragon team to take to battle. Make sure your team comprises of different types of dragon and try to select them in respect to their ability and strength. Analysis the different type of attack your dragon can do and how it will come in handy during battle before selection. The key here is “plan before attack”. Note that the higher the level of dragon the stronger they are; remember to feed your dragon well so they can serve you well on the battle field.
Clear out your rewards before you stop playing
Before you stop playing for the day, always remember to collect every gold in all your habitat and try to set up your farms to generate crops for maximum amount of time. it’s always nice to come back and meet a full farm than an empty one.