Dragon City breeding guide

One of the mean feature and interesting part of playing Dragon City is breeding. It’s exciting to experiment with it; it’s almost like performing a real life laboratory experiment. There are over 100 species of dragons in Dragon City and you can only get most of it through creative breeding. Breeding can technical sometimes since not all element mix; some elemental dragon combinations are not just compatible with each other_ there is nothing you can do about it. To get your breeding fast and easy, just follow this dragon city dragon breeding guild.
Elemental dragon
These are dragons that possess only one element. They are the true blood dragons. Elemental dragons are named after their element and there are 12 basic elements in the game which means there are 12 elemental dragons. There are some other elements but the basic element are just 12.
⦁ Archangel Dragon ⦁ Electric Dragon ⦁ Ice dragon ⦁ Metal Dragon ⦁ War Dragon ⦁ Dark Dragon ⦁ Flame Dragon ⦁ Nature Dragon ⦁ Pure Dragon ⦁ Sea Dragon ⦁ Terra Dragon

Hybrid dragons are breed dragons; they are produced by breeding two elemental dragons together. They possess two elements which are from the two elemental dragons used in breeding them. For example, breeding Dark and Electric dragons will produce a Hybrid called Neon dragon. Therefore Neon dragon will possess Dark and Electric elements another example of Hybrid dragon is the Platinum Dragon breed from Metal and Ice dragons.
Some combinations of elemental dragons are so unique that if you breed them together more than once they can produce different Hybrid dragon. Therefore, it is often advice to try and breed two elemental dragons multiple times. For example, when you breed an Ice dragon with a Water Dragon they will either produce an Icecube dragon or Ice Cream dragon another example of this unique elements is breeding of Earth and Fire dragons which can result to either Flaming Rock dragon or Volcano dragon.
While some combinations of elemental dragons are unique, some elemental dragons are not compatible_ in other word, they cannot breed. For example, A Fire dragon can never breed with an Ice dragon another example is Dark dragon and Water dragon.

Tribrids Dragons
These are dragons that possess three elements, these dragons are the result of breeding an Hybrid dragon with an elemental dragon. For instance, breeding a Mud dragon (an hybrid dragon formed from breeding water and earth dragon together) with Dark dragon (an elemental dragon) will produce a Poo Dragon (a tribrid dragon with Water, Earth and Dark elements).

Tetra-elementals Dragons
These are dragons that possess four different elements. They are dragons breed from two different Hybrid dragons. For instance, breeding a Zombie dragon (Hybrid dragon formed from the breeding of Dark Dragon and Metal dragon) with a Mud Dragon (Hybrid dragon formed from the breeding of Water Dragon and Earth dragon) will produce A Petroleum dragon ( A Tetra-elementals Dragons having Dark, Metal, Water and Earth elements) another example is breeding of Neon Dragon with Nenufar Dragon to produce a Pirate Dragon.
Tetra-elementals Dragons also have special combinations of Hybrid dragons that can produce multiple resulting Tetra-elementals Dragons species when breed in multiple times. For instance, breeding a Laser Dragon with Dandelion Dragon will either produce A Gummy or Fluorescent Dragon.
The best practice is to keep experimenting with breeding, and try to breed specific combination os dragons more than once cause who knows, you might just unlock a new rare dragon. According to Dragon city wiki there are over 500 dragon species in the game so the possibility of getting new dragon is endless.