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Dragon City Cheats and Hack

Social point is well known company for social games development. Social Point launched DRAGON CITY for play on Facbook in May 2013 and in same year they launched it at App store for download. This game became popular in no time and got the attention of the audience. Android market was also looking for this games and finally DRAGON CITY was available on Intel Atom Tablets in August, 2015. It was time when android users got chance to play this game. Developer targeted the mid-core players. They have to raise their own dragons. This game was ranked at no 2 in December 2013 in the list of top 20 best games of the year.
If you are looking for unlimited amount of gold, gems and food then Dragon city hacks is created for you. This would help you to raise your dragon in no time and you will become a pro player with super power. Learn more about Dragon City Wiki

Features of the Hacktool

Dragon-City-cheats Get unlimitd amount of Gold
Dragon-City-hacks Get unlimited amount of Gems
Dragon-City-cheats Get Unlimited amount of Food
Dragon-City-hacks Works with all browser and All devices (Android and iOS)
Dragon-City-cheats Easy to use
Dragon-City-hacks Virus and bugs free
Dragon-City-cheats Updated regularly

How to use the Hack

Dragon-City-cheats Enter username and amount of gold, gems and food
Dragon-City-hacks Click on download button
Dragon-City-cheats Follow the Instructions
Dragon-City-hacks The game must be installed already
Dragon-City-cheats Apply it on your game
Dragon-City-hacks  Enjoy the game



Zahra Bobat

I love the game. I need the game in my life. It's the best game ever. It got so much dragon's. The dragon's are cute when small but huge and scary when big. Those are the good things. But I got some complaints. You start with to little gold and too little diamonds. One more thing every thing is so expensive so please sort that out. Then your game will be perfect and a lot of people will like it more. And just letting you know that I said what I said for a reason and you make more money. XOXO❤❤


Antonio Sipperley

the game is fun with all the cute and cool looking dragons. all the events they run keep things interesting too. Only thing that sucks is all the in game advertisement for buying in game currency or other products. you close at least 4 or 4 before you get to the game but after you dont get them until next login.


Ami Wolf

I LOVE this app. It is so cool! 🐉You can breed your drangons, battle, earn rewards and much more! The dragons are really cute. This app is creative and fun 😊